The Bonkers Book of Jobs

The Bonkers Book of Jobs is similar in style to Horrible Histories, has a scoring theme comparable to Deadly Sixties and has outrageous facts akin to the Guinness Book of World Records.

It presents work in a unique, fun and exciting way.  It tells us why people really go to work:

  • Police Officers use Tasers and get to drive fast
  • Accountants bring down gangsters
  • Beauticians have to wax hairy people and perform colonic irrigation!

The Bonkers Book of Job chapters explore 36 different career paths:

  • From the smelliest jobs in the world to the scariest jobs
  • From the evillest to the most disgusting
  • From the funniest jobs to the tastiest jobs.

Through narrative, activities and quizzes the reader will discover how much people earn, what level of qualification is needed and future job prospects.

Then in the final chapter the Bonkers Job they could be doing will be revealed!!!

The Bonkers Book of Jobs is published by Candy Jar Ltd, is available now for £7.99.

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Sample pages – click below to read 2 samples from the 36 Bonkers Jobs in the book

Sample – The Maggot Farmer 

Sample – Dietician

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